Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer slope

The sun has dipped down, dimming to a low glow
hand over eyes to see ahead
shadow of cut grass piled on field

Scent of fresh lawn everywhere
Garage light on, banging of metal
Dad is sun burnt

Pool filter whirring, someone talking from open window
Sweet sticky watermelon dripped on sidewalk

Phone rings, someone screams

Evidence of a day well worn
sighs from those who sleep tonight.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Call from home

Mom called me today
standing in front of 8255

Explained how the trees had grown
neighbors house dingy
paved driveway instead of stone

I stopped to wonder
to go back now, lonely and cold
everyone gone and grown old

Hanging on memories, just like I have seen
vowed that would never be me

Funny how times and moments
you took for granted, bored teenager mood perhaps

If only I stepped back like I do now
appreciate the scene
like a fine work of art

Wherever family is
there is my heart